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Actifio virtualizes the data that’s the lifeblood of businesses in more than 30 countries around the world. For enterprise-class backup modernisation, self-serve instant data access, or service provider business transformation, Actifio is the first and only choice for radically simple copy data virtualization.

It’s Virtual Data Pipeline technology enables customers to protect, access, and move their data faster, more efficiently, and more simply by decoupling data from physical storage, similar to hypervisor technology decoupling compute from physical servers.

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How It Works

Capture data from production applications, according to an SLA you can define in just a few weeks

Manage that data in the most efficient way possible

Use virtual or physical copies of the data whenever and wherever you need to

Data Management Transformation

Data virtualization provides IT organizations the ability to create unlimited virtual copies of data for multiple purposes from a single golden copy, eliminating the need to have multiple copies of data. This allows them to streamline a number of business operations, including backup and recovery, test and development, business continuity, disaster recovery, and analytics.

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Actifio provides improved Resiliency through instant data access for data protection and disaster recovery. Actifio has no backup window, and RTOs are often measured in minutes not hours. Actifio increases forever backup and instant, one-click orchestrated recovery, even for VLDB. Actifio’s 4K dedup minimizes storage and BW.  

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Actifio enables you to build higher quality applications faster. By decoupling strategic application data from rapidly commoditizing physical infrastructure, you can keep up with those changes, putting data where you need it when you need it. For example, Actifio slashes application development cycle times by making it readily but securely available to the developers and DBA’s who need it. You get self-service instant access, high performance (even for VLDB), and RBAC and automated data masking. Actifio is storage and cloud agnostic.

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Moving your apps into the cloud won’t do much good if the data that powers them is tied to a 20th century data center. Actifio is your on-ramp to public, private, and hybrid cloud-based systems, ensuring your data follows your applications wherever they live. Actifio offers on-demand test/development data in cloud, as well as on-demand DR in cloud. Actifio’s SLA’s automate cloud migration while offering a singular platform for resiliency and agility.

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Actifio delivers an order of magnitude reduction in TCO, via the elimination of multiple software licenses for point tools, up to a 10X reduction in storage costs, and up to a 70% reduction in network bandwidth costs

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Actifio drives a significant reduction in operating expenses and management overhead by supporting multiple use cases with a single platform and a simple, straightforward management interface.





Actifio is radically simple. You can manage it all on an iPad™, or through an equally friendly GUI on any PC or Mac, and monitor it all on the go from any iPhone or Android device.