Beyond Backups: Making Your Data Productive

Traditional data protection solutions only provide an expensive insurance policy. The data is unproductive until disaster strikes. Cohesity takes a completely different approach. Data is valuable, and Cohesity puts backup data to productive use. Once the data is protected on Cohesity, it can be used to support multiple use cases.

 The Problem: Secondary Data Sprawl  

80% of enterprise data consists of secondary data: backups, files, objects, test/dev copies, and analytics data. Secondary storage infrastructure is fragmented across a patchwork of point appliances, which typically include dedupe appliances, backup servers, filers, and data lakes. Not only is secondary storage complex to manage, but data has to be copied and stored across storage silos, all of which drives excessive total cost of ownership. 

Cohesity Solution: Simplify Secondary Storage

Cohesity provides a web-scale data management platform designed to eliminate secondary storage silos by converging all secondary data and associated data management on one purpose-built platform – including backups, files, objects, test/dev copies, and analytics data. With Cohesity, enterprises can: 

• Simplify their storage and data protection infrastructure by converging storage silos 

• Improve service levels by reducing backup RTOs and RPOs 

• Build a hybrid cloud data fabric with native cloud integration 

• Gain visibility into their dark data with in-place analytics 

• Accelerate test/dev with copy data management 

• Reduce secondary storage TCO by 80% or more  

Cohesity DataPlatform: Cohesity DataPlatform is a web-scale data management platform. Key features include: 

• Distributed platform: Performance and capacity scale linearly by simply adding nodes, eliminating the need for data migrations and forklift upgrades. 

• File and object support: NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces to consolidate backups, files and objects. 

• Global space efficiency: Global variable-length dedupe and compression. 

• Cloud integration: Native cloud integration with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. 

• In-place analytics: Analytics, content indexing and search to quickly analyze data. 

• Copy data management: Zero-cost snapshots and clones with instantaneous data access to quickly provision test/dev copies in support of DevOps workflows. 


 Cohesity DataProtect: Cohesity DataProtect is a converged backup and recovery solution that runs on DataPlatform. Key features of DataProtect include: 

• Simple data protection: Replace multiple data protection silos (target storage, media servers, master servers, cloud gateways) with a single converged solution for backup, replication, and cloud tiering. 

• Sub-minute RPO and instantaneous RTO: Fast RPOs and RTOs by keeping each backup as a zero cost, instantly available snapshot 

• Application integrations: Tight integration with VMware for app-consistent backups of vSphere VMs. Support for physical Windows, Linux, and Oracle. Object-level recovery. 


Cohesity CloudArchive®

  • Policy based archival of older snapshots on-prem to Cloud for long-term retention
  • Data indexed for fast search and retrieval back to on-prem from the cloud
  • Recovery of data to a different site in the event the primary cluster fails
  • Data encryption in-flight and at-rest in the Cloud