Specia Message to our DataGravity customers and prospects:


We have reached out to most of you so you are aware of the changes taking place at DataGravity.  This company introduced a very exciting product and concept in 2014 and was instantly praised with awards and accolades.  They brought the idea of data governance, security, and compliance direclty to the storage layer. It was revolutionary.

The biggest challenge was convincing IT customers to move all of their production data to a relatively new platform that didn't always meet the storage requirements.  The software component was fantastic but customers wanted it to run on their existing storage.  

So...DataGravity has gone back into stealth mode and is developing a software solution.  They have partnered with some of the largest storage vendors in the industry and we expect to see an announcement later this year.  

Thank you for your interest in DataGravity and check back often for any updates.


Visit their website at http://www.datagravity.com as they continue to develop their exciting new solution.