Product Architecture  

ExaGrid understands that deduplication is required, but how you implement it changes everything in backup. ExaGrid has a unique landing zone where backups can land straight to disk without any inline processing. Backups are fast and the backup window is short. Deduplication and offsite replication occur in parallel with the backups. Deduplication and replication never impede the backup process as they always are second order priority. ExaGrid calls this “adaptive deduplication.

Fastest Backup/Shortest Backup Window

ExaGrid provides the fastest and shortest backup window

Since backups write directly into the landing zone, the most recent backups are in their full undeduplicated form ready for any request. Local restores, instant VM recoveries, audit copies, tape copies, and all other requests do not require rehydration and are as fast disk. As an example, instant VM recoveries occur in seconds to minutes versus hours for the inline deduplication approach.

Fastest Restores, Recoveries, VM boots and Tape Copies

The ExaGrid architecture allows for the fastest restores

ExaGrid provides full appliances (processor, memory, bandwidth, and disk) in a scale-out GRID. As data grows, all resources are added including additional landing zone, additional bandwidth, processor, and memory as well as disk capacity. The backup window stays fixed in length regardless of data growth, which eliminates expensive forklift upgrades. Unlike the inline, scale-up approach where you need to guess at which sized front-end controller is required, the ExaGrid approach allows you to simply pay as you grow by adding the appropriate sized appliances as your data grows. ExaGrid has 10 appliance models and any size appliance or any age appliance can be mixed and matched in a single GRID, which allows for IT departments to buy compute and capacity as they need it. This approach also eliminates product obsolescence.

Scalability: Fixed length Backup Window and Data Growth

ExaGrid provides a fixed length backup window


Product Line

ExaGrid offers nine appliance models that can be mixed and matched with up to 25 appliances in a single scale-out GRID. The largest scale-out GRID can take in up to a 1PB full backup with an ingest rate of over 200TB/hr.

ExaGrid Model Raw Capacity
Usable Capacity
Capacity for
Weekly Fulls (TB)
ExaGrid Appliance Nodes
EX2000 7 4 2
EX3000 9 6 3
EX5000 16 10 5
EX7000 20 14 7
EX10000E 26 20 10
EX13000E 32 26 13
EX21000E 56 44 21
EX32000E 72 63 32
EX40000E 96 78 40


14 Appliances in a Scale-Out GRID – Scales to 25 Appliances*
Quantity Full Backup (TB) Usable Capacity (TB) Total Ingest (TB/hr)
1 40 78 8
2 80 156 16
3 120 234 24
4 160 312 32
5 200 390 40
6 240 468 48
7 280 546 56
8 320 624 64
9 360 702 72
10 400 780 80
11 440 858 88
12 480 936 96
13 520 1014 104
14 560 1092 112

*Scales to 25 appliances in a scale-out GRID (1PB Full Backup / 200TB/hr.)



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