FalconStor VTL Virtual Tape Library with De-duplication

High-performance backup and restore with deduplication

FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with deduplication is a disk-based backup solution that optimizes backup and restore, improving performance and enabling rapid remote disaster recovery (DR).


Virtual Tape Library with Deduplication Drives the Fastest, Most Scalable Disk-based Backup

FalconStor VTL optimizes disk backup

FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the industry's market-leading virtual tape solution, unmatched in performance and scalability. With virtual tape, backups complete faster and more reliably, with little or no change needed to the backup environment. Sophisticated physical tape integration and flexible global data deduplication complete the solution.

  • Fast backup speeds that meet your backup window
  • Scalable, flexible deduplication lets you choose the method that best suits your organization
  • Direct tape export automatically writes to tape without impacting your production backup
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Ultra-fast performance, maximum storage space

A FalconStor VTL appliance can achieve sustained backup speeds of 1.6 GB per second, or over 5.8 TB per hour, solving the single biggest backup challenge: meeting the backup window. Up to eight appliances can combine into a single logical unit, scaling performance to a staggering 12.8 GB/sec. Combined with high-speed protocols – such as 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) and 10Gb Ethernet – FalconStor VTL 7.5 can sustain the fastest deduplication speeds in the industry ranging from 28 TB/Hr to 40 TB/Hr.

By eliminating duplicate data, FalconStor VTL shrinks your capacity requirements. Typical deduplication ratios of 20:1 reduce your storage footprint by 95% or more, lowering your TCO and enabling more efficient data protection.

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Business benefits of global deduplication and replication

FalconStor VTL scales to meet the needs and data growth of today's smallest and largest enterprises alike, with flexible global deduplication that scales to over 2PB of usable physical storage. Policies for replication, archiving, and deduplication can be assigned to individual jobs per your specific needs. For example, you can select from five different deduplication policies: Inlinepost-processconcurrent, or no deduplication. FalconStor VTL then replicates this data from across the organization to a central site, aggregating it into a clustered repository of globally unique data components

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Flexible deployment options

Designed as an enterprise-class application, FalconStor VTL can support small and ROBO environments through storage appliances and small-footprint virtual appliances, and is also available as a high-availability (HA) clustered solution for the enterprise.

  • FalconStor VTL Virtual Appliances: for SMB/ROBO environments leveraging VMware technology
  • FalconStor VTL Storage Appliances: all-in-one appliances for the SMB/ROBO and midmarket
  • FalconStor VTL Gateways: for the midmarket and enterprise, offering high-availability clustered deduplication
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