FalconStor VTL Virtual Tape Library with De-duplication

Learn Why Falconstor Optimized Backup & Deduplication Is The Fastest, Most Reliable Deduplication Solution On The Market

Non-disruptive Deployment - FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication emulates over 50 popular tape libraries and 30 tape drive formats, ensuring easy and transparent integration into existing backup environments without the need to reconfigure backup jobs. In addition, simultaneous support for NDMP, Symantec OST, and IBM i provides non-disruptive support for all backup applications in an enterprise.

Reliable, Scalable Architecture - FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication is the only solution that can scale its backup nodes independently from the deduplication repository. This solution scales up to 8 backup nodes to handle larger data sets or to meet more severe backup windows, while independently scaling up to 4 cluster deduplication nodes in an N+1 architecture for faster deduplication performance.

Flexible Deduplication Policies - Through a centralized management GUI, this solution allows backup administrators to fully align deduplication policies with business goals. Deduplication can be assigned to run inline (during backup), post-process (after backup), or concurrently (simultaneously with data ingest, after the first virtual tape is created). Deduplication can also be deactivated when it is not needed, for example when backing up images or media files. FalconStor offers the only deduplication solution that deduplicates seamlessly across all active nodes without predefined node/controller designation.

High-performance Backup and Restore -  FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication technology supports the latest high-speed SAN storage protocols, including 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI, achieving single-node backup speeds of 11.2 TB per hour per node, while simultaneously sustaining deduplication speeds of up to 94.4 TB/hr – the fastest in the industry. Unique read-ahead technology provides fast data restore, even from deduplicated tapes.

Direct Physical Tape Integration - Direct integration with physical tape satisfies the ongoing corporate need for tape archival. Advanced automated tape management simplifies operations, decreases media consumption, and reduces tape handling costs. FalconStor Optimized Backup & Deduplication provides capabilities to enhance tape environments while improving, exporting, space management, and security.

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High-performance backup and restore with deduplication

FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with deduplication is a disk-based backup solution that optimizes backup and restore, improving performance and enabling rapid remote disaster recovery (DR).






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