Quorum onQ™ provides everything you need for immediate One-Click Recovery™ of all your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure.

It does this by automatically maintaining upto-date ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your systems that can run right on the appliance, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes.

Traditional Data Protection Leaves You Vulnerable

Data protection alone does not provide business continuity. Anybody who has ever dealt with a catastrophic hardware failure knows that it can take days or even weeks to replace hardware, reconfi gure systems, and restore data from tapes, disk or online sources. Can you go that long without customer data or other vital services? When is the last time you tested your DR plan?

Designed for SMBs: Easy and Affordable

For the fi rst time, true business continuity is a viable option for businesses that have limited IT budgets and resources. onQ bridges the gap between simple backup and expensive, complex enterprise-class solutions and delivers easy, fast and reliable business continuity at a price SMBs can afford.



Quorum onQ Provides One-Click Recovery

onQ integrates the sophisticated technologies used by large enterprises into a simple, turnkey appliance. With onQ, users are reconnected to applications and data in minutes rather than days or weeks. You can deploy onQ in hours, not the months required for traditional enterprise solutions.
onQ is the first high availability and disaster recovery solution to deliver easy, fast and reliable business
continuity at a price that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

One-Click Recovery™
after ANY storage, server or complete site failure up-to-date virtual clones of all protected servers are ready-to-run right on local and remote appliances
• Recovery Infrastructure—all computing resources & software included—no other products to integrate or manage
• One-Click Testing—perform a real-world DR test in minutes
• One-Click Protection—adding protection to a new server takes minutes
• Point-in-time Recovery—recover any files or a complete system or runnable virtual machine from any
• Rapid Deployment—no multi-month complex projects and integration services… onQ has you protected in hours
• Simple Management—no specialized knowledge is needed to use onQ’s browser-based interface
Comprehensive Protection of all of your operating system, configuration, applications and data
• Flexibility—provide for both on- and off -site instant recovery
• Affordability—a fraction of enterprise pricing and complexity, without unpredictable online storage

Web-based Management

onQ features a simple, easy to use browser-based management console. A few straightforward
screens are all you need to confi gure and monitor your business continuity infrastructure.

Ultra-efficient Incremental Updates

Our deduplication is global “at the source”—sending a single copy of only the actual changes to
any of your fi les so storage and bandwidth use are minimized. This means you can set update intervals
as low as 15 minutes and keep deep archives without impacting performance or using massive
amounts of storage.

Incremental Forever… Always Current

You get instant recovery of the most current image without ever needing regularly-scheduled full backups. All changes are merged into your ready-to-run Recovery Nodes, while retaining the ability to retrieve a point-in-time historical fi le, folder or even a complete system snapshot or runnable virtual machine.

onQ Appliances Are Fully Featured

Complete Continuity Data Protection & Recovery Flexible Deployment

• One click recovery
• One click testing
• Replication-compressed & encrypted
• Protection for storage, system & site failures
• Integrated server monitoring
• Email and text alerts
• Scheduled email health reports

• Full system imaging
• Supports physical and virtual servers
• Sub file-level incremental updates
• Global deduplication at source
• Powerful exclusion rules
• Bare metal restore to any snapshot level
• File-level recovery to any snapshot level

• Local, Remote or Both
• Bandwidth throttling
• Perpetual, Subscription or MSP pricing
• Internal and External storage
• No per GB or per month storage charges
• Supports all applications without add-ons
• Protect any Windows 2003 or 2008 server

About QuorumLabs

QuorumLabs creates the most complete and easy-to-use virtualization based
business continuity solution available today. Our products are distributed through a network of Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers and OEM partners.