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OmniCube™ Overview



The Problem

Everyone agrees that the purpose of the IT infrastructure is to serve the business applications that run on it. However, a snapshot of today’s modern IT environment is one of complexity, cost, and inflexibility that inhibits the IT staff from effectively supporting the business. This complexity arose over the last decade from the best intentions—IT teams are continually striving to grow, adopt and innovate. However, to do that, IT teams with large budgets have been forced into deploying point hardware and software products that address single requirements—such as WAN optimization, performance acceleration, deduplication, or cloud integration. These products are not designed to work well together and are very expensive. The result is an infrastructure that is complex and inflexible. The problem is exacerbated in an increasingly virtualized and cloud-integrated world. The true value of virtualization and the cloud is blocked by this infrastructure clutter.

The problem is worse for IT teams in smaller environments. They have been forced to make painful tradeoffs—living without core functionality like remote disaster protection and cloud connectivity because the high cost of these infrastructure add-ons prevents them from implementing these key requirements.

What is the root cause that drives IT to adopt this complex tangle of appliances? The problem stems from today’s inflexible IT infrastructure that cannot accommodate changes or allow the IT team to add functionality or performance without adding another device. At the root of the problem is the antiquated data architecture that is not well suited for a world where the vast majority of applications run on virtual machines. In this new world, VMs are born to be mobile and destined to communicate with the cloud, but data remains tied to the antiquated infrastructure—locked up in coarse-grained, large, expensive containers.

The Need

SimpliVity recognized that to truly solve the IT complexity problem requires not only a new product, but a fundamentally new data architecture—one that is designed to foster the flexibility and data mobility that virtualization and cloud integration demand. Such an architecture is required to deliver an infrastructure solution that meets the demands on the modern, virtualized IT environment: A modular IT building block designed specifically to serve virtual machines and deliver simple but massive scale-out, cloud integration, data mobility within and across data centers, intelligent data movement across tiers of media, and native data protection.

The Solution

OmniCube is a 2U VM optimized building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management functionality required in today’s IT environment. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products and with an extreme reduction in complexity. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data movement within and across data centers, globally and to the Cloud.

Because of its elegant design and comprehensive feature set, OmniCube is the ideal platform to serve the VMs that run today’s most popular business applications: Exchange, SharePoint, transactional databases, VDI, web applications, file services, and customer applications.

Baseline Services

  1. High Availability: full high availability with no single point of failure.
  2. Performance: optimized for IO intensive workloads.
  3. Serviceability: extensive reporting, alerting and call home capabilities.

Advanced Functionality

  1. Simplified, Elastic Scale-Out: the Federation scales simply by adding one OmniCube unit at a time, on demand.
  2. Inline and Fast Deduplication and Compression: all data - across its lifecycle and geographies, including the public cloud - is deduplicated and compressed on ingest without impact to performance.
  3. Bandwidth Efficient Replication: efficient data transfer among OmniCubes across remote data centers and to the cloud.
  4. Instant Data Protection: policy engine allows for VM-level backup and replication by a user defined RPO.
  5. Global VM-Centric Management: ability to perform all day to day management operations on a per VM basis.
  6. Public Cloud Integration: data can be efficiently moved to/from the public cloud.
  7. Cache Accelerated Performance: provides high speed access to the most important data.

Interoperability with Existing Virtual Servers

Interoperability is critical when any new components are added to the IT infrastructure. In addition to running as a fully assimilated infrastructure, OmniCube systems are able to provide storage services to existing servers running VMs in the environment. Simply share the SimpliVity datastore to the servers and allow the resident virtual machines to take advantage of the advanced OmniCube features and functionality.

OmniCube™ Platform Portfolio

SimpliVity offers a range of hardware models within the OmniCube portfolio, each optimized for differing environments and use cases. Under the covers it leverages a common underlying technology powering a range of IT infrastructure from SME to high performance workloads in High End Enterprise customer environments. The currently shipping models are listed below. Click here to download the Family datasheet.

  1. CN-2000 – Compact system designed to run remote office or smaller workloads offering 6-8 CPU cores and 5-10TB of usable storage capacity. Click here to download the datasheet.
  2. CN-3000 –General purpose modular system designed to run all data center applications offering 12-24 CPU cores and 20-40TB of usable storage capacity. Click here to download the datasheet.
  3. CN-5000 – High-performance system optimized to run high-performance applications offering 24 CPU cores and 15-30TB of usable storage capacity. Click here to download the datasheet.


At the root of OmniCube is the underlying technology—called OmniStack™—designed for today’s virtualized, cloud-enabled world. OmniStack is an innovative combination of advanced software and intelligent hardware that creates an entirely new data architecture. Fundamental to this architecture is the management of very fine grain data elements of only a few KB. This is accomplished through fast inline deduplication and compression that occurs as the data is created or ingested by the system. The intelligent management of such small data elements makes the data mobility and fluidity possible, and underlies key functionality of scale out, replication, high availability, and cloud integration. The OmniStack Solutions incorporates 3 unique core innovations that SimpliVity brings to market:

  1. Virtual Resource Assimilator™: A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of multiple traditional IT infrastructure products into a single shared x86 resource pool.
  2. Data Virtualization Engine™: A novel data architecture where all data is compressed, deduplicated and optimized at inception, inline with no impact to application performance.
  3. Global Federated Architecture™: An intelligent network of collaborative systems that provide massive scale-out as well as a VM-centric single point of management.