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Professional Services 

[pruh-fesh-uh-nl] “a person who is an expert at his or her work.”

It takes a lot of work and isn’t easy being a professional at any one thing, let alone everything. Xdata has always prided itself on delivering solutions with quality professional services. We are also aware that no one can be an expert in every area of a rapidly changing technology world.

That is why we have partnered with DigeTekS, LLC. 

DigeTekS, LLC is an Information Technology consulting services firm with a highly skilled and experienced engineering staff, and some of the best digerati in the industry.

Founded in 2005, DigeTekS strives to bring appropriate technical solutions to its clients to best meet their overall Information Technology requirements. Their staff has supported organizations ranging in size from very small to Fortune 500 across the nation and beyond.

The following areas represent our primary core competencies:

Network Infrastructure:
DigeTekS engineers have many years of experience analyzing, designing, and implementing core network infrastructure. We are certified and experienced with most of the leading operating systems including Novell, Linux, and Microsoft.

Network Security:
Our engineering staff is skilled in performing network and security audits to assess a client's exposure to external, as well as internal risks. From firewalls to web servers to backups to anti-virus and content filtering solutions, we help determine, document and implement solutions to minimize risks to companies networks, systems and data.

Network Virtualization:
Rapidly becoming common-place, many companies are moving toward virtualization to minimize their hardware platforms and make their networks more manageable. DigeTekS engineers are certified and experienced with VMWare, Virtual Iron and XEN solutions.

Hosting Services:
For many organizations, hosted service offerings provide the flexibility they need to respond to an ever changing technology landscape. Hosted offerings can reduce workload for your staff and allow them to focus on projects and strategic direction, yet still provide sound, secure solutions to everyday technology needs. We offer a private cloud approach for all of our hosted services so security is never compromised. Our current offerings include hosted GroupWise E-mail, Anti-Spam, E-mail Archiving, Anti-Virus, Backups, Virtual servers and physical Co-Location.

Project Services:
DigeTekS offers top-quality project based support for many types of IT needs. We have years of experience developing project scopes, planning, implementing and meeting deadlines. We provide full project support for single server upgrades, which may only need a few hours, to large global deployments that may be multi-year in length. In our opinion, project hand-off is extremely critical to long term success, so we focus on training and knowledge transfer every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition back to internal resources.

Technical Resources:
We offer a wide variety of technical services ranging from desktop and help desk support; short or long term outsourced resources; server and core infrastructure support; and high-end project-based consulting engineers. Whether you need a little help to resolve a single issue, or long-term assistance, DigeTekS can offer the right skill set and support arrangement to meet your specific needs.

Supported Technologies:
Our skill sets cover a wide range of popular industry solutions from Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix.