Storage Virtualization, Test/Dev Solutions, Cloud Services, Security, XaaS

Properly managing your data has never been more important.  


With solutions from Xdata, managing your data has never been easier or more efficient.

Whether you have a big or small Virtual environment, many or just a few databases, multiple IT locations, or are a growing company with new challenges, we can help.

Storage Management Solutions that solve the challenges your IT team faces daily:

  • Is data security at the forefront of your current objectives?
  • Is your VMware environment creating headaches with your storage provisioning? 
  • Do you need to replicate your data locally or remotely? 
  • Can you get analytical reports about your data and who is accessing it? 
  • Do you need to migrate from one brand of storage to any other storage? 
  • Are you effectively managing your O365, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, and other critical database? 
  • Need self-service provisioning of clones for your DBAs? 
  • Are you archiving data in a way that allows users to retrieve it on-demand years from now?

If you answered yes to any of these we want to work with you and show you how solutions for these common needs are successfully being implemented and used today!